Intelligent Transport Webinar. A new Fare Payments reality - Ticketless, Cashless and ‘as a service’

Ticketless, Cashless and ‘as a service’

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Intelligent Transport Webinar. A New Fare Payments Reality: Ticketless, Cashless and ‘as a service’

The fare payments industry is being dramatically affected by COVID-19. Although we don’t know how quickly things will return to ‘normal’, what we can already see is people will be using, and demanding, safe ways to pay – meaning they do not need to handle cash or tickets. This on-demand webinar from Intelligent Transport explores the potential impact on fare payment teams as well as the two hottest topics taking place in the public transport ticketing industry which both share a common naming convention, ‘as-a-service’. Our expert panel discuss why these trends are happening, as well as dive into both Fare Payments-as-a-Service and Mobility-as-a-Service. They also look at the best approach for deploying these services, be it layering on or integrating, and you will hear from industry leaders about what they are doing in these areas.