Mass Transit Rider Research Report

Key Factors Influencing Ridership in North America

The Emerging Urban Mobility Ecosystem


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of Americans still drive themselves on at least a weekly basis. 40% Never ride public transit.


stated that mass transit services are improving, while 49% believe they are remaining the same. Only 19% stated the quality of their local transit is declining.


of Americans are combining public transit with ridesharing and taking multimodal journeys.


chose convenience as their number one motivating factor when selecting to ride public transit. Larger than cost, necessity and journey time.


of weekly rideshare users ride public transit services, while 80% of weekly drivers never ride public transit.


reported mobile ticketing would or has caused them to increase public transit ridership.

Mass Transit Rider Research Report

We conducted a survey of over 1010 US residents to find out what their current transportation habits are and what motivates transit riders across North America to choose one option over another. 

The report looks into:

  • How the urban mobility ecosystem is evolving as riders combine public transit and ridesharing in greater numbers than previously thought
  • Why people select to ride public transit services
  • Real technology and service improvements that have caused people to ride public transit services more frequently
  • The future of urban mobility and the important role agencies need to play in creating an effective and efficient mobility ecosystem 

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